Trainings and seminars

If you would like to educate yourself in classical and academical principles of riding, I will be happy to help you, if I can. Individual consultations and lessons are possible but the most common are the weekend clinics all over our country and in selected stables abroad.  

I work with my students in a holistic way. I need to know that my students are able to understand the basic reactions and biomechanics of their horses. The most important goal is to be able to improve the balance and I am not speaking just about the horse's physical site of the matter. 
We always start form the ground, because there you can see. You can train your eye, feeling, coordination, body and your horse has got the time to train all the necessary things and build up muscles to carry you later. But what is the most important of all - you build up and sometimes completely reconstruct your relationship. Who comes to me just to learn the riding technique, won't be satisfied, because I don't believe in this way of riding.
Who ever tried that real connection between the bodies and souls will never want it another way. The real Centaur appears...


The seat is of utmost importance. I train my students mostly on riding pads to find the independence and their own balance. Later we use saddles. If I put a student on a horse, the horse usualy already knows all the necessary things - normal walk with good schwung and bending, changes of direction, shifting some waight to the hindquarters, shoulder in, counter-shoulder in, travers and renvers. Than while I am leading the horse I give my student instructions how to sit and tell him/her about particular aids for each and every excercise so he/she can feel every movement without taking care about the hands first. Hands are very important but can be also very dangerous so I spent a lot of time to educate the student's hand.


During the clinics 2 hours of theory will be given for the whole clinic and 5-7 individual lessons each day.


NECESSARY EQUIPMENT for the first steps: cavesson, leash with a small carabine and a whip.