Who am I and where do I go?

I've been asking this question myself as long as I know. Who are we, that we dare to tell horses, these noble animals, what to do? I still don't know, but I see horses as guides, that are incredibly patient with us and give us new chances time and again, to make ourselves better. 


I've been riding more than 21 years. Someone could say it's been a long time, but every single day there is something completely new for me with horses. And I won't be trying to be original, because everyone, who is really passionate about horses, knows that our path with them is the aim.

I started with the standard convetional dressage and jumping style, but I've been always sticking out somehow. Since the very beginning I've been trying to train horses from the ground, though I didn't have any clue how to do it then and everyone was just knocking on his forehead. 

No internet, no books, no information. So my only real teachers were my horses. After years of searching for a human teacher, I found some books of the old masters and finally I knew, which direction to follow. Fortunately for all of us there are a few people nowadays to learn from and all the big names of these days have been learning from more than just one teacher (at least they've been reading and trying). 

That's what I think is everyone's priviledge - find your own way, because you can never become clone of anyone. Just according to what Oscar Wild already said: "Be yourself, everyone else is already taken."

So I am not affraid to combine different styles and ways to work with horses, because I believe there are a few possibilities and one shouldn't close his or her eyes before them. I am also not affraid of doing mistakes, because only than I know, why I do, what I do.

Recently I tried to count all the horses that crossed my way. I wasn't able to count them all, but who cares. The more you know, the more you ask and the only guarantee is you have to find a unique way to each and every horse and its human. And my motto is: The only one, who can judge you as a rider, is your horse. The only one, who can judge you as a trainer and teacher, is the horse and your student.